July 20, 2006

Le Bureau

I’m so not an office person. I sit here and move my feet up and down for hours. Honestly, I can’t sit still. A fact I did not actually consciously realize until my dear friend Rachel pointed out that I played with a sugar packet for an hour when she was interviewing me. I get up and go to the printer every chance I get, I walk around and around and I roll around on my chair. Wouldn’t you? If you had a roll-y chair? If there weren’t so many people who can see me I would spin about on my chair, getting dizzier and dizzier, laughing like a maniac until I finally just loose all balance and smack my head on the desk on the way down. That would be a good day, spinning, teehee.

I’ve made some random geometrical artwork for my cubicle which are currently tacked to my foamy 2/3 wall. They look cool (I get compliments and, “How did you do that!”s) and they involve no artistic skill whatsoever. Only know how and a ruler – ruler’s are fantastic. I also have the Sponge Bob and Dilbert comic that Sue passed on to me.

I’ve started keeping food in my cupboard. They’re like crackers, cookies, pudding, instant oatmeal. Its so I don’t actually have to remember to pack my lunch every day and its working pretty well. When I get up the motivation to make actual lunches then I’ll have to remember, but maybe lunch is just overrated.

I think I'm having problems with my tense and number agreement. Anyway, office office office. I keep coming back every weekday.


Dinah said...

I'm laughing so hard picturing you spinning and spinning. I would do it too, but there are always people coming to use the photocopier or the fax machine or the bathroom (I'm located in a high-traffic area).

Jon said...

Is your boss Steve Carell?

pyweon said...

i wish my chair was spinny. you should get one of those stress balls for when you get antsy. ooo! or silly putty! that's fun. and those are my useful suggestions of the day : )