July 17, 2006

"I was saying Boo-urns"

Today is not so good. I didn’t sleep much last night because it was hot and muggy. I feel that I would be better suited to bear the heat if only I could breathe, lack of oxygen really puts me out. Now I’m at work, which is actually the best part of my day so far. Its air conditioned and quiet, but I still feel fairly crappy.

Showering is overrated. I avoid it whenever possible. You people who shower every day, shame on you wasting water like that! Every other day is way more than enough. I can be skuzzy if I choose to be and if I don’t smell bad/if I’m not near you you can’t complain on any reasonable basis.

My bike is now fix-fixed. Its actually my brother’s old bike, but it’s a pretty sweet Gary Fisher. I had it all tuned up and everything thing then the tire tore itself apart and now I’m finally riding again. But I am doing so cautiously since I don’t want another crash like I caused in May.

I’m in the 900's (out of 1200 pages) in Les Miserables and its all this stuff about an insurrection and this big barricade they’re building. It would possibly be more riveting if I knew more about French history in the 18th and 19th century, but as it happens I don’t.

In my efforts to read through the Bible again I’m stuck in Exodus. I just can’t handle the crazy things they do. Aaron makes the golden calf for the people to worship and God gets angry, and Moses asks him what’s going on so Aaron said, “Well, I asked all the people for their gold and made them a calf to worship,” like it’s some kind of excuse. These people are nuts.

Ok, pensions again.

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Fran said...

Hey!! Howcome you never told us that you had started blogging?? Silly! Now that I know I will read it! HOORAY!! Okay, that's all for now...