July 24, 2006

New Post

I went home for the weekend, its good to get out of the city. I live across the street from construction which is not a very pleasant morning bird. Somehow these construction workers have managed to find the tools with the most penetrating and awful sounds known to man. At least now I have to get up at 7 anyway, during the year it really put a damper on trying to sleep till at least 9.

So yes, back to the country, where I grew up – what I realized is that its a big part of who I am, the country and the lack of people and specialty stores. I went to the movies with my mom and it cost considerably less than $13.50 per person, I went to the beach and swam and played Frisbee. Roz and I did a little stargazing because its dark out there in the boonies and there actually happens to be a lot of stars.

I saw my friends who just got back from England, with their new chic London hairstyles and knowledge of many thing British. I also managed to sit in the midday sun for a considerable amount of time with only partial sun protection. Now I have white lines beside my eyes were the sunglasses arms were and a thumb shaped smear of white on my forehead of where the sunscreen actually made it. The rest of my face is a lovely sheen of fire engine red. Thus is the pasty life.

Back in the T dot, enjoying the lack of heat wave. That is me currently.


Dinah said...

Mmm, fresh air.

I'm glad you had a nice weekend.

Dinah said...

oh, I forgot to ask what movie you saw.

Bethany<> said...

I saw Lady in the Water. I liked it, I don't care that Mark called it pretentious.

BC Adventures said...

awww, you went home and saw Roz and layed out in the country air watching stars like we used to... awww i feel so left out.
how are ben and mareka?