July 26, 2006

Hangover Cure

Last night I went with my current roomie for a little bike ride down Bloor. We ended up, past supper time and hugry, in The Korean Business District where we wanted to be daring and eat some ethnic food. So we stopped at Sin Sun and I had the only vegetarian thing on the menu (which you can get with beef if you like, the waitress offered the seafood dishes as veggie as well).

Anyway, my roommate chose this soup called something like “Soup for the morning after drinking to relieve a hangover,” actually, I think that’s exactly what it was called. How could you resist just seeing what this concontion was? Well, it took a while for the food to come, but they gave us salad. But when her soup came it was actually bubbling, boiling AT the table. Honest. Scared me a little bit.

Meanwhile there were some people who knew what they were doing frying stuff up on the grill with a massive flame being sucked into the vent dealie. So, I tell Lila to taste her soup and she gives it a stir only to find about 5 of the 8 tentacles of a whole baby octopus breach the surface. She started a pile of seafood in her empty salad bowl. She came up with several king shrimp that still had their shells, legs, and oh yes their eyes. There was also a whole baby squid, a few clams and part of a crab shell and all. I was killing myself laughing as each new discovery emerged from the self boiling bowl of mystery.

When she actually got up the courage to eat these delicacies I was mostly unable to watch. She ate 5 or 6 of the octopus’s tentacles and ripped the untasties off the shrimp. She actually convinced me to try the broth, which I did, and it was fine. I was just having trouble thinking about all the entire creatures that were cooked in it.

We still have no idea why this is good for a hangover, I don’t think eating semi-grossness the morning after will make you feel better. Maybe the logic is that you will puke out all the crap in your system thereby purging your system of toxins.

I’ve had Korean food several times before, so I was expecting rice noodles and seaweed, but maybe there are different subcategories. There was a poster on the wall advertising beef tripe soup that we couldn’t decipher, even though it was in English, sort of. It reminded me of reading the English Indian newspapers.

Anyway, fun times. Then we had ice cream with oreo crumbs and melted peanut butter since we earned it, somehow.


sue said...

you were in my neighborhood!! i heart korean food. though i usually avoid ordering things with seafood in them because in that "we're asian" way all the seafood (as you discovered) comes with shells on...

Jon said...

Somehow, the best stories seem to start with "we were hugry in Korea town."
I was a little concerned when I read the title... but hey, it's mom's job to worry about that.
Speaking of mom (and seafood) when we were in Calgary and I was working at Staples, she brought me some Japanese food with whole marinated baby octopi. The tentacles aren't bad. However, the head's a little unnerving. Y'know, the whole crunchiness of the beak contrast with the mushy brain.

pyweon said...

that sounds....almost enough to turn me into a vegetarian too : )

Dinah said...

I miss you! Not because I want to eat the Korean food but just to think about it. And I'm so hungry for ice cream...I'm gonna go have some (maple walnut, still no cccd in sight).