July 27, 2006

I'm old

Last night I went with my friend Danny to this thing at his dad’s church. I didn’t know anyone but him, but hey, I can be personable. So his friend Karen shows up and she talked to me for a while. And you always ask people what you do, so I said, “I go to U of T…. actually I just graduated.” That got a face, not a bad one, just a slightly surprised one. She just finished high school, so I’m probably 3 years older than her… but I feel old. Nevertheless, she was really nice.

I also get faces when I tell people that I double majored in math and linguistics. I usually follow that with, “I know, I’m a nerd.” To which I either get the, “Yeah, you are,” response or, “No, that’s really interesting, I wish I could do math.” Almost invariably there’s the comment about how math and linguistics are so different, to which I sometimes explain that they’re not that different, its how my mind works, they’re logical, yada yada yada.

But I decided that you’re way better off in life in general if you’re a nerd. I’m not claiming this as an original thought or anything, just making it my own now. Smart people can figure things out and go places if they so choose. I say this to justify my supreme uncoolness in high school and beyond, but I’m ok with that. As long as you find other people who appreciate the nerd factor or your eccentricities as well.

At least now my clothes are slightly better and the hair is a bit more tamed. Still haven’t caught on to the everyday makeup thing, I like to sleep as much as possible. But I’ll always be a nerd, I think partly because I just get really excited about things. Like syntax and logic puzzles and I write poems about group theory (I should find that again). I like to think it makes me a passionate person, but more likely I’m just very sensitive to blood sugar levels.


Dinah said...

I am such a nerd. Whoo! I love that about me, though...it takes a lot of pressure off. But I don't think I always felt this good about it.

But you...my dear, are supercool. I could hear you talking about math and linguistics as I read this. And it was a nice sound. Okay, that's cheesy. Mmm, cheese. See how I tie it all together?

Jon said...

You need to watch the movie "American Splendor" and pay attention to the guy who goes and works as a nerd for MTV.

pyweon said...

didn't we take an online test for this? weren't you also part dork??? get your labels straight!