July 12, 2006

Good night and good luck

So, in the building where I work there’s a security desk out front and the guards, I’m pretty sure, are told to greet the people coming in and out of the building. So I get a nod of the head from the supervisor guard in the morning and a weird look from the guy who covers lunch. But, when I leave at 4:30, there’s the afternoon shift guard who happens to be quite entertaining.

I often leave the building with a co-worker of mine, another lady who heads the subway, where I leave her to walk the rest of the way home. And every night, we go down the elevator and bid farewell to our favourite security guard – Brad. His name isn’t actually Brad, we have no idea what it is, but we call him Brad. My other friend tried to think up ugly names for him, but all the ones we tried actually sounded quite dashing, so we named him after Mr. Pitt himself and I find it appropriate.

Brad is probably about my age, early 20’s and could be a summer student like myself. Who knows, we never actually talk to him. But on to why he is entertaining. The first few times we went through this rountine it was a simple, “Good-bye,” “Have a good evening, ladies,” at which point no special notice was taken. However, one day we got the eye-brow lift along with our good-night. Hmmm… minimal intrigue there, but I think it gets better.

The next week, one night we got what I like to call the ‘movie-star look’ with one eye-brow raised and the big teethy grin. He could have been doing that shoot-you-with-his-fingers thing and it would have fit perfectly. We giggle and comment as soon as we get out the door. Yesterday was a funny day too, I think he was trying out the debonair look.

Anyway, he amuses us and I’m sure we amuse him. Here’s to Brad, the afternoon security guard.


Dinah said...

Whooo! Go Brad! I think you should talk to him, but say something completely weird. "Do you have any red crayons?" "Can I borrow your < insert funny thing >?" "I like cheese. A lot."

I'm home now, which is not as exciting as watching fireworks with glowsticks.

alison said...

I love the random 'red crayon' question. That is totally something I could see you asking someone. He sounds like someone who would enjoy randomness in return.

Let the Bradsaga continue. :p