July 28, 2006

A Real Robert Frost

I wrote this at the end of the WORST semester of my LIFE, no lie. This is actually how I felt, sitting in Pratt, going to bed at 3 every night and getting up at 7. Torture I tell you, you should have seen me at the end of it all, I honestly did not know where I was:

The nuances of group theory are tormenting my dreams,
Coming in with shifty eyes, seeping through the seams
Of my semi-conscious mind -- attacking sleeping hour.
But even in my waking life I am in its power.
I must study all today, I've only me to blame.
Improbability will find me here, and then you'll see a flame.
The sparks are yet collecting on this kindled head --
The fire will break out and I'll soon be dead.

For I am going to burst into flames
At some point this day.
Yes, I will burst into flames
Flaring up like hay.
And when I do burst into flames
You will see me teary.
After I have burst into flames,
Studying group theory.


Tala said...

Beth, your poem made me laugh. It's great.

Hope you're doing great =)

Jon said...

Based on the psychological effects, I would've thought you had been studying Game Theory.

Dinah said...

Burn, group theory, burn!

(Post your other poem, the one with the surprise ending).